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Guided tour of the Vatican Necropolis and Saint Peter’s Basilica

Combine this exclusive tour to your visit of Saint Peter’s Basilica for a truly unforgettable mystical and cultural experience. The special visit to the Necropolis underneath the Basilica, home to the Tomb of Saint Peter, is in fact only possible by special permission, granted by the “Fabbrica di San Pietro” in accordance with the schedule set by the Excavations Office.

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St Peter’s Basilica audioguided tour

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St. Peter’s Basilica guided tour

Discover the treasures of the most important church of Christendom with our highly-qualified guides.

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Vatican Mosaic School tour

A connoisseur’s tour: discover the work of the restorers and the artisans of Saint Peter’s

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Combo: St Peter’s Basilica and Mosaic School guided tour

Uncover the wonders of the Basilica and the Mosaic School while strolling through the Vatican City.

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The Baldacchino in Saint Peter’s Basilica

Baldacchino is a term that dates back to the Middle Ages, that indicates a richly decorated structure created to protect people or important objects. The word “Baldacco”, however, referred to Baghdad, production centre of precious fabrics.

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What do you see from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica?

1. The Dome It is the tallest dome in the world, the dome of St. Peter’s rises to a total height of 136.57 metres (448.1 ft) from the floor of the basilica to the top of the external cross.

2. The square At the centre of the square is an ancient Egyptian obelisk, erected at the current site in 1586. Gian Lorenzo Bernini designed the square almost 100 years later, including the massive Tuscan colonnades, four columns deep, which embrace visitors in “the maternal arms of Mother Church”. A granite fountain constructed by Bernini in 1675 matches another fountain designed by Carlo Maderno in 1613.

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