St. Peter's Basilica and Square Map

St. Peter’s Square and Basilica Map

1. Colonnades

2. The Passetto

3. Alexander VII Coat of Arms

4. The Fountains

5. The Obelisk

6. Center of Colonnade

7. Sundial Markers

8. Papal Water Fountain

9. The spot where John Paul II was shot

10. Bronze Doors

11. Entrance to Charlemagne Wing

12. Restrooms

13. Apostolic Palace

14. Papal Apartment

15. Statue of St. Peter

16. Statue of St. Paul

17. Information & Post Office

18. Vatican Book Store

19. Mater Ecclesiae

20. Paul VI Hall

21. Arch of the Bells Entrance

22. Bag Check

23. The Facade

24. Loggia of the Blessings

25. The Clocks

26. Obelisk Marker

27. Statues on the Facade

28. Scavi Office

29. The Sacristy & Treasury

30. Roof of St. Peter's

31. Sistine Chapel

32. St. Peter's dome

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