Saint Peter Timeline

St. Peter’s Basilica Timeline

This is the timeline that traces the history of the Basilica, from the crucifixion of Saint Peter to the present day.

64: Saint Peter is crucified and dies a martyr

313: Constantine's Edict of Milan

319: The Old Basilica was built

800: Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the Basilica

1448: Irreparable state of the old St Peter's basilica recognized

1499: Michelangelo sculpted the Pietà

1503: Bramante hired to build a new Basilica

1506 - 1626: The New Basilica was built

1546 - 1547: Michelangelo, was named architect of St. Peter's and produced his first wooden model of Brunelleschi's dome.

1547 - 1590: The construction of the dome

1624-1633: Baldacchino by Bernini

1626: Consecration of the new basilica of St Peter

1656 - 1667: St Peter's Square is built based on a Bernini's project

1749: Michelangelo's Pieta was moved from the Chapel of the Choir to its present location.

1968: The bones of St Peter were found

1984: St Peter's Basilica was listed as a World Heritage Site