St. Peter's Basilica Map

How to get oriented inside St. Peter’s Basilica

1 - Welcome

2 - The Square

3 - Atrium, door of the Sacraments and Holy Door

4 - “La Pietà” of Michelangelo

5 - Monuments to Pope Leo XII and Christina of Sweden

6 - Chapel of St. Sebastian and tomb of Pope John Paul II

7 - Mathilde of Canossa

8 - Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament

9 - Altar of St. Jerome

10 - Gregorian Chapel and Monument to Pope Greogry XVI

11 - St. Peter's bronze statue

12 - Altar of the Confession

13 - The tribune of the Chair (back of the apse)

14 - The four pylons

15 - Monument to Pope Alexander VII

16 - Altar of the Sacred Heart and Altar of St. Leo the Great

17 - Left transept or St. Joseph cross

18 - Altar of the “Lie” and monument to Pope Pius VII

19 - Chapel of Pope Clement VIII and Altar of St. Gregory the Great

20 - Monument to Pope Pius VII

21 - Altar of the Transfiguration

22 - Monument to Pope Leo XI

23 - Monument to Pope Innocent XI

24 - Choir chapel

25 - Monument to St. Pius X

26 - Monument to Pope Innocent VIII

27 - Chapel of the Presentation

28 - Monument to Pope Benedict XV

29 - Monument to Maria Clementina and Stuart's sepulcher

30 - Chapel of the Baptismal Font

31 - Exit

Following the latest provisions provided by the Prime Minister's Decree, Fabbrica di San Pietro believes it could be possible to open to visitors starting from the first week of June (at the moment, in fact, admission is only allowed to attend religious ceremonies).

The indications on the new access methods haven't yet been communicated, but they will be published on this site as soon as they will be made official.

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